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We talk about the popular matte manicure and show 80 cool examples of stylish matte nail design ideas.

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A matte finish is a type of manicure design that gives nails a matte texture, the opposite of the usual glossy shine. Unlike the classic one, it does not reflect light, creating a more delicate and elegant look. It also hides minor imperfections on the nail surface and lasts longer. It is important to remember that such coating may be less durable and require special care. The choice between these two types of coverings depends on your style and preferences.

The popularity of matte manicure

Matte manicure has won the hearts of women from all over the world thanks to its originality and style. It is suitable for any occasion - from everyday looks to special events. Matte nail finish brings sophistication and elegance, attracting the attention of others.

Techniques for creating a matte effect

There are several ways to achieve a matte effect. One of them is the use of a special matte varnish. This varnish is applied after the base coat and creates a matte surface. Another way is to use a special top. It is applied over gel polish and gives it an unusual, slightly rough structure. There are also special powders or gels that are applied to the nails and create the corresponding effect.

Choice of colors and shades to create a stylish matte design

When choosing colors for a matte manicure, you can be guided by your preferences and style. However, there are several recommendations that will help you create a stylish and fashionable design. For example, delicate pastel shades combined with a matte finish look especially elegant. You can also experiment with bright and saturated colors to create a pop of color.

Tips for caring for matte finish

In order for the matte finish of the nails to retain their appearance for a long time, it is necessary to monitor its condition and perform regular maintenance. It is important to avoid contact with harsh chemicals such as cleaners or solvents. It is recommended to use special coating care products that will help maintain its roughness and prevent scratches.

Matte manicure on short and long nails

Matte manicure is suitable for any nail length. On short ones it creates the effect of tenderness and neatness, and on long ones - elegance and sophistication. For short nails, it is recommended to choose simple and minimalistic designs so as not to create excessive saturation. For long nails, you can experiment with more complex and creative solutions.

Possible directions for the development of matte nail design

There are many trends in the world of matte manicures. For example, matte French, in which the tips of the nails are coated with glossy varnish, has become popular. It is also popular to use different textures and shades to create original and unusual designs. In the future, we can expect even more variety and experimentation in the world of this type of manicure, as it continues to win the hearts of many women with its style and elegance.

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Our application contains many images with examples of matte manicure. They are created by a neural network. Such visual cues will help you choose the right option for yourself. In addition, you can show the selected photos to your manicurist so that he can bring your idea to life. But keep in mind, not every sample created by a neural network can be repeated in life!

Check out some matte manicure examples from our NAIL app (link):


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