Summer nails generated by NeuroNails

Summer Nails

Summer is a time of bright colors, vacations, fun and new emotions. All this is reflected in fashion trends, including manicure. In the summer you want to look especially attractive and stylish, and well-groomed and beautiful nails are one of the key elements of the image. Let's look at the most fashionable summer manicure trends, current designs and application techniques.

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Top 5 summer manicure trends 

1. Gradient manicure. This nail design has become a real hit in recent seasons. A combination of different shades of the same color or several bright contrasting colors creates a “blurred” transition effect, which looks very stylish and beautiful.

2. Fruity design. Summer manicure in the style of “fruit cocktail” is another popular trend. These can be abstract designs in the form of a slice of watermelon, bright citrus fruits or tropical fruits.

3. Floral motif. Drawings of flowers, leaves, branches are a current trend for summer manicure. This can be either gentle minimalism or a more detailed drawing.

4. Marine design. Marine motifs such as waves, clouds, stars, sea creatures are always relevant in the summer. They are reminiscent of the sea, the beach and vacation, creating a light and relaxed atmosphere.

5. Neon colors. Neon is coming back into fashion and in summer manicure it looks especially stylish and bold. Bright, rich shades attract attention and emphasize individuality.

Summer manicure techniques

Modern application techniques allow you to create real works of art on your nails. Among the most popular are stamping (applying designs using special plates and stamps), airbrushing (applying designs using an airbrush), brush painting, and three-dimensional painting.

To create a gradient, a sponge is usually used - a special sponge. With it you can create a smooth transition between colors. Fruit, floral and marine designs are typically done using a fine brush for detail and watercolor varnishes to create a watercolor effect.

Summer Nail Design Photo

Our application contains many images with examples of summer manicure. They are created by a neural network. Such visual cues will help you choose the right option for yourself. In addition, you can show the selected photos to your manicurist so that he can bring your idea to life. But keep in mind, not every sample created by a neural network can be repeated in life!

Check out some examples of summer manicures from our NAIL app (link):


Summer manicure is an opportunity to experiment, try new trends and techniques. Don't be afraid to use bright colors, they are perfect for the summer season. Show your imagination and your nails will become a real work of art.

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