Aquarium nails generated by NeuroNails

Aquarium Nails

In this article, we will share with you aquarium manicure ideas that will help you create a unique and impressive look.

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Aquarium nail designs have long been a major trend in the nail industry, and their popularity continues to grow. This style of nail art is notable for its voluminous and vibrant design, which creates a visual effect of watery depth.

Aquarium nail design technique

Aquarium nail design is a style that creates an underwater effect on your nails. To perform it, special gel polishes and accessories are used, such as sand stones, shells, mother of pearl and other elements that give volume and texture to the nails. First, base polish and gel polishes of different shades are applied, creating a gradient effect. Then, using a thin brush or stick, decorative elements are applied that give the nails the appearance of an aquarium. To secure the design, a top coat is used, which gives the nails shine and protection. Aquarium nail design allows you to create a bright and original image that will attract attention and stand out from the crowd.

In aquarium nail design, you can use various decorative elements: sparkles, sequins, small beads, artificial fish and algae, and even small shells. The main emphasis is on the color scheme and combination of materials to create the illusion of an underwater world.

Variety of aquarium nail designs

The variety of aquarium nail designs allows every woman to choose the ideal option for herself. For lovers of the classics, transparent nails with small sparkles or sequins that create the effect of shimmering water will suit them. For those who prefer a brighter and richer palette, options using bright colors and voluminous decorative elements are suitable.

If you like to experiment and are ready for bolder decisions, try an aquarium manicure with voluminous elements. For example, you can use miniature fish figures or shells that will “float” inside your nail. This design will attract attention and surprise with its originality.

Another popular option for aquarium nail art is the use of thematic designs. These can be images of marine life, corals, algae, or even entire underwater landscapes. This manicure will look like a real miniature painting on your nails.

Aquarium Nail Design Photo

Our application contains many images with examples of aquarium manicure. They are created by a neural network. Such visual cues will help you choose the right option for yourself. In addition, you can show the selected photos to your manicurist so that he can bring your idea to life. But keep in mind, not every sample created by a neural network can be repeated in life!

Check out some examples of aquarium manicure from our NAIL app (link):


Aquarium nail design, despite its difficulty in execution, is worth trying at least once. This nail art not only attracts attention with its unusual design, but also allows you to show your creativity and imagination.

Be inspired by the ideas of a neural network and create your own unique aquarium manicure!

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